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If we want prosperity for all, we need to understand the facts, make informed choices, and share knowledge. Our collective energy choices impact the world. Pollution and the climate crisis knows no political or market borders. There is only one planet. That is a fact.

Cypress River is comprised of senior industry experts and functional specialists with a wide range of strategic and operational experience. We are lawyers, engineers, and scientists. We began in the telecoms, media, and the internet industries only to realize the energy markets and public health sector deserve the same investment and care by our team of professionals. Together, we have the proven execution skill, valuable market insights, established regulatory and industry relationships that our clients need to navigate complex challenges and risks while building effective in-country partnerships, cross border investments.

With our partners in philanthropy, we engage policymakers, industry, and the public to enable change. There is no single solution. Understanding our shared values, quantifying tradeoffs, facilitating a portfolio approach is our path forward.

Cypress River Advisors is your partner in creating a better world for our children and grandchildren. Join us.