San Diego, CA

General Atomics

General Atomics has been at the forefront of innovation in nuclear energy since the 1950s. We continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in advanced nuclear reactors while helping to sustain our current reactor fleet and spinning off advanced material technologies that have the potential to enhance public safety and well-being.
GA's TRIGA® research reactors represent the most successful reactor design in history. GA is building on its experience with TRIGA® in developing the next generation of advanced fission reactors. The long-term focus of GA’s Nuclear Technologies & Materials division is on the innovative Energy Multiplier Module (EM2), a gas-cooled fast reactor design that employs cutting-edge advances in materials science to address the four core challenges facing nuclear energy – safety, waste, cost, and non-proliferation. EM2 can be powered by spent nuclear fuel and operates up to 30 years without refueling.

Within GA, the Nuclear Materials and Technology (GA-NTM) division is uniquely positioned to develop high-tech solutions and materials that are needed in a variety of energy applications. In addition to acting as an idea incubator within GA, the NTM division has active R&D in the areas of nuclear reactor design and advanced and accident-tolerant nuclear fuel. In addition, NTM is developing a suite of energy applications related to unique silicon-carbide (SiC) composite materials, such as heat exchange and other thermal processes under high temperature and extreme conditions, high-density energy storage devices, and hydrogen production.