New York, NY

The AES Corporation

Technology Keywords: Battery, Storage, Drones, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Emerging, Data, Distributed, Wind, Solar, Cyber, Fuel, Vehicles, Cyber, Safety, Grid, Renewable, Wearables, Desalination

Overview: The AES Corporation (NYSE: AES) is a Fortune 200 global power company. We are dedicated to improving lives by providing safe, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions in the 17 countries we serve. Our ongoing commitment to innovation in our industry has yielded the world’s leading energy storage solution, Advancion®, and groundbreaking drone-based applications for the electricity sector. Through open innovation contests, partnerships with technology solution providers and our thousands of people around the world, we seek to build a clean, unbreakable grid, create a safer, smarter workplace, and leverage the full energy value chain when seeking solutions to meet tomorrow’s energy needs. Seek out our team at the summit and find out more on Twitter @TheAESCorp.