Current Motor Company

Lauren Flanagan

Booth: 1049

Energy-independent, Mini-Fleet-in-a-Box: Electric Cargo Motorcycles and Mobile Solar Charging Station

Technology Area: ["Energy Storage: Portable"]

Commercial Maturity: Full-Scale Prototype

Technology Keywords: solar power, renewable energy, nano-grid, micro-grid, electric vehicles, electric cargo motorcycles, electric motorcycles, telematics, battery management software, solar, fleet, EV, energy

Current Motor's patent-pending, Mini-Fleet-in-a-Box is the first to market, energy-independent transportation solution featuring zero emissions and an integrated solar power station delivering a complete mobile fleet solution. Our containerized solar charging unit houses and charges four Current Motor Electric Cargo Motorcycles in the footprint of a standard ISO shipping container (20'x8'x8'). Telematics and radio communication are integrated. The Mini-Fleets can be easily transported by truck, rail, boat or heavy-lift helicopter, are capable of transporting and powering emergency, medical, security, military, or consumer electrical needs, and offer:
--100 percent renewable, clean solar energy – no exposed fuels or liquids
--Zero-emissions, low maintenance, go-anywhere electric vehicles
--Integrated telematics platform and communications systems for asset tracking even when no internet connection available
--Can be installed by one person in minutes
--Does not require any permits, engineering or electrical connections (can be grid tied)
--Completely turnkey and self-contained, delivered ready to charge and transport people, documents, tools or emergency supplies
--Other possibilities for containerized mobile power solutions (clean water, electronics, mobile medical clinics)