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“We must continue the fight for full support of their [ARPA-E’s] programs. We must carry on this fight not despite our budget problems, but because of them.”
—General Jim Jones on the US energy system (source: Greentech Media)
“This unique forum will help facilitate the partnerships necessary to bring game-changing technologies to market quickly, which is critical to securing America’s global technology leadership and creating new jobs.”
—Steven Chu, Former Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy
“In my view, it has never been more important to prioritize investment in innovation and lift up what ARPA-E has the capability of doing…ARPA-E is an unquestionable success.”
—Sen. Chris Coons (Source: Pew Environment)
“ARPA-E promotes the stuff that sounds crazy until it changes the world.”
—Former ARPA-E Director Arun Majumdar (Source: BERC)
"No matter how tight federal budgets may become, no matter how difficult times politically, I will fight for full funding of ARPA-E and investment in R&D in this country.”
—Sen. Chris Coons (Source: Greenwire)
"One of the best events for emerging tech companies to understand the state of the art developments."
—Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, VP, Customized Energy Solutions
"The best national networking of any event I attend each year and the speakers and panels help me to get a broader perspective of federal priorities and national trends in the future of energy technology."
—David Kenney, Oregon BEST
"Just the right people in the right place. Great networking opportunities."
—Kirk Bailey, Cool Angle. LLC
"Every year this meeting gets better. At first it was mostly government people; now many more people come, including businesses.”
—Charles C. Zhou, CEO, Cascade Clean Energy (has attended all four Summits)
"The IP Panel Session on Monday was extremely informative and valuable. I thought I had a good working knowledge of IP protection as it relates to my job, but I quickly learned a great deal of important and relevant information that I will use immediately. Thanks!"
—Julie Svetlik, Texas A&M AgriLife Research
"Two things I loved about the Summit: 1. Sessions specifically for entrepreneurs (IP, strategic partnering, etc.) 2. Unbelievable numbers and quality of potential partners and collaborators."
—John Breshears, Architectural Applications
"Incredible speakers. Valuable information about ARPA-E. Great networking. Very well organized."
—Bob De Saro, Energy Research Company
"The Summit brings together a diverse variety of engineers, scientists, and investors under one roof which allowed us to both market our company and make technical contacts which assist in the furthering of our core products."
—Jason Switzern, Dais Analytic Corporation
"I discussed potential alternative market applications for my technology with an investment partner at a corporate venture capital fund."
—Michael Gidding , Aerosol Control Technologies, LLC
"The technology showcase is fantastic and I wish I had more time to spend there."
—2013 Summit Attendee
"Learned about new technologies and how they may work with our technology."
—2013 Summit Attendee
"The Summit helps to identify options - I saw other technologies/markets that I was unaware of that could impact/influence the technology I work on."
—2013 Summit Attendee
"The speakers and the panel discussions were excellent and informative. The Showcase gave us the opportunity to connect with several potential partners / customers and potential hires. Outstanding event overall."
—2013 Summit Attendee
"As a strategy focused CEO of an energy start-up, it is essential that I see, hear and interact with leaders in the field, understand the national policy and industry trends and discussion of major issues."
—2013 Summit Attendee
"Throughout the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, cutting-edge innovations and promising American companies have been on display. Whether they are developing fuels from electricity, capturing and storing carbon, or finding new ways to generate energy from the sun and wind, the projects highlighted through the Summit are helping to push the boundaries of technology and building an American economy that lasts."
—Steven Chu, Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy
“Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, it’s hard to find a more effective thing government has done than ARPA-E.”
—Fred Smith, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, FedEx Corporation (Source: Scientific American)
"The nearly 2,500 attendees of this year’s summit represent some of our nation’s best energy innovators and illustrate the true purpose of ARPA-E and the Innovation Summit: to catalyze energy breakthroughs for a secure American future. The whole energy ecosystem – science and engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, small and large businesses, nonprofits, media and policy makers – were there to invent our future together." —Arun Majumdar, Former Director ARPA-E, U.S. Department of Energy
"The IT revolution is the exception that kind of warped people's minds about how quickly things can work…if you underestimate how hard it is, that's part of why we can end up underfunding the kind of innovative work that needs to go on."
—Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft Corporation
“Networking at the event was an unprecedented opportunity bringing in stakeholders from all areas of industry, academia and government together and achieving critical mass. In just one day, I made more than 30 contacts that I intend to follow up.”
—2012 Summit Attendee
"I think the government should invest even more money in ARPA-E."
—Bill Clinton, Former President, United States of America
"I have to tell you, after 25 years of my career with a defense contractor and having seen every conference and every exhibit known to man, I truly believe that this was the best conference I have ever attended. It was well organized, informative and most importantly inspirational and moving. Listening to Secretary Chu, Bill Gates and President Clinton were the highlights of my career." —2012 Summit Attendee
“I wanted to express my personal appreciation to the agency for the excellent Energy Innovation Summit held this week. I’ve attended technical conferences for over three decades now, but this year’s ARPA-E Summit was unequalled in my experience, as regard to Quality of speakers and panelists; Atmosphere of open communication and sharing; Technical and business interaction among companies, universities, government, and investors.”
—2012 Summit Attendee
"This was one of the most energetic and engaging conferences we've attended. We could not have been more pleased." —2012 Summit Attendee