ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit
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Partnership Opportunities

The 5th Annual ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit showcases America's next generation of transformational energy technologies. Join as a partner and be recognized as a leader in American energy innovation by bringing together the leading energy experts in industry, government and research.

Many of the partnership packages allow partners to have the opportunity to participate in the Energy Innovation Summit Corporate Acceleration Program. This is a matchmaking program that allows you to review and meet with highly vetted innovators and early stage companies.

Who Should Partner

eventPower welcomes partners from a wide variety of industries and organization types, including major industrial firms, professional service providers, R&D laboratories, financial institutions, investors, and many others.

Technologies being showcased at the Summit include, but are not limited to the following:

Advanced Fuels
Building Efficiency
Carbon Capture & Utilization
Control Systems
Electric Machines
Electricity Transmission and Distribution
Energy Storage: Portable
Energy Storage: Stationary
Fuel Storage & Transport
Industrial Efficiency
Permanent Magnets
Renewable Power Generation
Thermal Energy Utilization
Traditional Power Generation
Vehicle Technologies

Partner Prospectus

We have partnership opportunities at a range of levels, from $3,000 to $60,000. Download the 2014 Energy Innovation Summit Partner Prospectus by selecting the link below.

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